In just over 10 years Factor bikes have gone from a small unit in the English countryside producing carbon and engineering solutions for Ferrari and Aston, F1 and WRC to sponsoring a Tour team. 

The foundations were laid in this unassuming factory for function focused, performance bikes.

Everything changed in 2014 when Baden Cooke test rode their award-winning Vis-Veres frame. He formed a partnership with some industry experts and with carbon expert Rob Gitelis bought the business.

The goal became a no compromise, luxury performance bike company with an attention to detail and a finish rivalled by few.

As a wholly-owned business their ability to control every process and step from concept and development to testing and production allows them to swim amongst the big boys. Factor is a modern bike company - their designs testament to that, they look at things differently yet aren’t different for the sake of it - their unique twin down tubes on the ONE case in point. The O2, their very slick road frame, comes with their module system (bars/stem, bottom bracket and seat post) so all you need to do is choose your group set and wheels. And if you’re after an easy wheel match, their Black Inc. wheels will match your bars and seatpost.

Factor is a legitimate player in the cycling world and serious choice for anyone looking at a new frame wanting to step away from the more ubiquitous, mainstream brands.