Look Keo Blade Pedal Review×

Review by Bike Gallery racing legend @mrdanielstrauss

The Look Keo Carbon Blade – What did I notice? 

I first rode Look pedals in 1994 on my first road bike. Since then I’ve had an almost romantic attachment to Look and their euro-chic look. Sans serif. Solid colours. Perfect. 

I’ve tried other pedal systems; Speedplay, Shimano and Campy. Last year I jumped across to Look’s Keo 2 Max Carbons. A pretty good pedal, I thought. Then came the offer of testing a pair of the new Look Keo Carbon Blades. Oh my. 

What is significant about this pedal is that they use a carbon fibre blade to replace the spring. The result is a beautiful looking pedal that is light, comfortable, hangs perfectly and clicks like no-other.

I’m not giving them back. Even if it means escaping to Mexico.