Northern Combine Alf Kimpton Handicap Race Report!×

Despite a rainy start to the day in Melbourne, Broadford turned it on for the Northern Combine Alf Kimpton Handicap with a perfect racing temperature and clear skies. Bike Gallery was well represented with Rick Horvart and Matt Berg carpooling and passing the drive by cracking hilarious-comedy-jokes. Man, those guys are funny...

The race was a traditional handicap with the slower riders starting first and rolling turns to try and keep away and the stronger riders having the unenviable task of rolling turns like buggery for 99km to try and catch them. Everyone was guaranteed to be buckled by the end of the race.

The first of 3 scenic laps of rolling hills commenced and each group did it's best to work together for the greater good. Matt Berg's group was especially strong averaging 40km/h, and within 1.5 laps they had caught the group of Rick Horvart with no signs of slowing. Much to the group's amusement, anyone who wasn't rolling their fair share of turns was politely asked to leave by a certain SKCC General. The pace continued for the final lap, rising steadily for the last 15km with both Bike Gallery members featuring heavily at the front. The combined group of 25 had been whittled down to 15 strong riders and attacks were the flavour of the moment with a group of 4 riders including Matt Berg off the front for a few kilometres until they were eventually reeled back in. With 5km to go, a dangerous attack was launched with Matt Berg the only rider to answer. The two riders swapped turns for a few kilometres trying to stay away and were eventually joined by another who unfortunately had no intentions of helping. In the final climb before the finish, the rest of the group came down on the exhausted breakaway like a wounded gazelle with Rick Horvart big-ringing up the front to take the honours for the group and showing plenty of panache. Little did we know that an earlier group had finished 3 minutes in front of us. DAMN HANDICAPS!!

Despite the somewhat frustrating result, both riders performed extremely well and are looking forward to the Hell of the West this Saturday. As an aside note, Bike Gallery can now thoroughly recommend the new Subway Chicken Parma as a post-race meal but recommends extra serviettes.