Fondo Fondo Fondo×

There has been a lot of talk on recent training rides about our ambition to compete in various Grand Fondos in Europe and the Audax in Victoria. Specifically, this talk has focused on planning the perfect three-month European cycling holiday, and the speeds with which we could (potentially) complete these events with the right "preparations". Since I now spend my Saturdays selling Netti hi-vis vests, tubes and saddlebags rather than racing a Northern Combine, my goals and speeds have been adjusted slightly. 

During this morning's ride, I began wondering if there was a more perfect Fondo bike than the BMC Team Machine, which I am lucky enough to be riding at the moment. After owning many different bikes over the years, this one makes me the happiest on those longer rides. The BMC SLR01 is a great race bike while offering excellent compliance to the rider. Basically this means its super comfy while still being a race bike. Awesome. My one is custom built with 2011 Campagnolo Super Record with Ti Cranks, Deda Zero 100 Bar and Stem, Romin Team Ti, Speedplay Ti Pedals, and Lightweight Gen 3 Clinchers. It is topped off with GP4000s tyres and King Ti Cages. Total weight is 6.4kgs. It also happens to look super sexy....

As far as gearing goes, I'm running a 39-53 up front and 12-25 out back. Perfect for most climbs except for maybe Baw Baw or the Galibier.... Therefore for some people, including myself the 12-27 option may be the go. Running a 50-34 with an 11-25 would give even greater range. 

Here is the profile of the Grand Fondo Pinarello against the mighty Audax which goes to show that our version is pretty hard. Any time under seven hours for the Audax is considered pretty fast while a good time for the Pinarello is between five and a half to six hours. However you will see heaps of ex pros rolling around on the Gran Fondo Pinarello and it is treated like a Grand Tour stage. Hopefully some of us can tackle these events and get some great times to brag about with our mates. See you out in the Bergs!