S-works shoes to the rescue by David Pidgeon×

As written by David Pidgeon, design legend!

After arriving at my Ridewiser Ergo session last week, I realised I had left my Speedplay pedals at home. Thankfully, Rob Crowe gave me a pair of old Specialized shoes with Look cleats. Initially, I thought they were a little big, however for one class it wouldn't matter. Upon completing my ergo session, my results were better than usual due to the shoes!  

On the following Saturday I went out for an 85km ride as per usual.  However by the time I returned home I was feeling numbness is my right foot. Instead of putting up with this problem, I thought it was time to address this issue.  

To clarify, I am nothing more than another Beach Road battler who has only been riding for the past two years. I purchased my first shoes before I had even picked up my bike, and was told Sidi was the only brand to buy.  Knowing very little except for what looks good I purchased a mid priced pair of carbon composite shoes.

Fast forward to the end of my 85km ride.

I took my shoes down to Lincoln at Bike Gallery. He then pulled out the S-Works Road Shoe and said “Lots of pros rave about these shoes and so do I” I tried them on and they were without doubt the most comfortable shoe (of any type) I have tried on. He then threw my Sidis on the train tracks.

Thankfully I now have the BOA dials that work brilliantly and give you such delicate incremental adjustment. Can you have such comfort and performance though? The proof though was always going to be on the bike.

I decided to hit the Kew Boulevard for a couple of laps, as the terrain is perfect to test the legs and shoes.

The outcome was such that it compelled me to write this review, they were outstanding with amazing comfort and endless power. Without feeling great in the legs or pushing it to extremes, I managed to better my pervious best average speed by over 1km/hr. Does not sound like much but the fact it felt so effortless was the real surprise. I was hoping that the black kangaroo leather version (due in September) Linc put up on the blog a couple of weeks ago might be in stock, unfortunately they are still a couple of months away. I will just have to save up for a second pair when they arrive.