How to become a "Cregend" (aka Crit Legend)×

It is hard to believe how quickly this year has past! With daylight savings approaching, the days are getting longer and warmer (hopefully).  Crit racing is back and it's time to dust off your Zipp 808's!  For those not in the know, a criterium, or crit, is a bike race held on a short course (usually less than 5 km), often run on closed-off city centre streets.

Crits are run locally by cycling clubs and for those keen enough it is possible race three or even four times per week.  Crits are a great way to improve fitness, race against your friends and bask in the glory (if you win) in a relatively safe environment without the dangers of other road users.

A Cregend simply put has spent most of their winter "training" in various nightspots rather than putting in the hours out in the cold conditions.  Another sure sign of a Cregend will be their willingness to spend a large proportion of the race at the back of the bunch as they are fully aware they have no fitness to do any work.  They save this vital explosion of power often for the last lap and can be seen gasping for air when the pace gets a little too quick!

Cregends will often compliment each other on their latest bike purchase, which will either a set of deep dish wheels or brand new shoes (preferably all white).

Often found gathered together before or after the crit, a Cregend will be sharing jokes either about the little training they have done, the previous night's social action, or remarking on whose wife/girlfriend is standing on the second corner!

The ultimate goal of the Cregend will be to appear in the race results and if this doesn't occur than at least appear in three or more photos for the race.  If this sounds like your ideal kind of racing, be sure to get to your local crit and start posing!