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My first day at work by James Moffat

After nearly a year and a half of spending far too much time sitting drinking coffee at Bike Gallery I began my journey to adulthood and last Sunday had my first shift of work. Given my love of the two wheels I was desperate to try and get a job in a bike shop and given I already spent so much time in BG I had a chat to Cam and Lincoln about the possibility. So it came to be on the last day of the Easter Holidays where I fronted up to do some work experience so they could see if I had what it took to be an employee in Melbourne's coolest bike shop. I quickly set about making an impression and after a couple of hours I'd managed to organise and stock take BG's whole Rapha collection. Now two weeks later I sat down and had another chat asking whether I would be able to become an employee of Bike Gallery and by the end of the conversation I was an employee of Bike Gallery.

Sunday was my first shift at Bike Gallery and in two hours I managed to learn under Cam's tutition how to use the computer and when a man came in looking for a cycling cap I went in and prepared to help my first customer. I walked up to him and asked him if I could help in anyway. He replied that he was looking for a cycling cap, the stimulus perhaps being Cyclingtips.com recent article; How to wear a cycling cap. After finding the right size and picking out the right style in this case the Italian Country Cap I made a slightly slow transaction and he was out the door the proud owner of one of Rapha's finest products. 

Even though I was keen to hone my selling skills after my initial success I was given with the job of stocktaking Specialized shoes and gloves and ordering the appropriate sizes in order to fill the gaps in stock for the remainder of my shift. Now armed with the skills of stocktaking and retail I set about my greatest challenge so far, sweeping and then helping Cam mop the floor. Now don't get me wrong I have no issues with either of these domestic tasks but given that at home mum is pretty much a one-woman cleaning machine I was not all too experienced in the matter. However like all the other things I'd done I managed to finally succeed and by 4:15 the floor was completely devoid of any dirt.

While my first day might not have been greatly eventful it was certainly a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and based on my earning and some previously saved money I managed to buy a new head stem. The stem of choice was the 3T ARX Pro and is without a doubt the best-looking stem on the market. Not to mention that in the 120mm it improves your Pro rating by greatly.  Now as I reflect back on my first shift at Bike Gallery I really hope it was the first of many. The thing in my mind that is so great about BG is the great community of people that either work for or the customers who may just sit around drinking coffee. If every Sunday afternoon for the rest of my life I could either work or sit around at Bike Gallery I'd be a happy man indeed.