Le Tour×

The Tour is now upon us and with it comes three weeks of sleep deprivation. Over the three weeks the Tour winds its way through France on some of the most picturesque roads in the world. The Tour de France is held in the European summer meaning the riders often race in perfect, sunny weather. However, we often have to face bad weather, which often means rain, cold or both. The great British adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes once said though,

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

The same can be said of cycling in Melbourne as discovering the North and South poles.

To combat the cold and wet conditions of a Melbourne July Bike Gallery stocks a large amount of Capo and Rapha winter gear.

1. Rapha Merino Long Sleeve Base layer $85.
Without a doubt one of the items, which will make winter riding more enjoyable, is a good merino base layer. Rapha’s base layers are made out of 100% merino wool, which means they are both incredibly soft and itch-free not to mention great regulators of heat and moisture.

2. Rapha Pro Team Jacket $270
The Pro Team Jacket is a technical outer layer designed for cold weather cycling. It features a great aero cut and is available in a super Euro Charteruse colourway which is proven to boost visibility, they also make it in traditional black and white.

3. Rapha Rain Jacket $275
When riding in wet weather having a waterproof outer layer is critical to keeping warm and dry. However almost as important is having a rain jacket, which breathes, and the Rapha Rain Jacket does both. It also has a great cut and fit meaning that when wearing it you won’t look like the Michelin Man.

4. Capo Leg Warmers $80
Keeping your legs warm should be a priority so a good, warm pair of leg warmers is a must. The Capo leg warmers keep your legs warm and with the stretch built into the fabric the fit is second to none.

5. Capo Windtex Gloves. $80
Keeping your extremities warm is extremely important and Capo hit the nail on the head with the windtex gloves. The windtex fabric is both highly windproof and waterproof, which is perfect for keeping your hands warm.

6. Capo Merino Wool Socks $35
Moving on from your hands, keeping your feet warm is of great importance. Capo is without doubt the best brand of socks in the cycling world and their merino wool socks are both soft and warm.

7. Rapha Overshoes $75
Keeping the elements away from your feet is crucial and for this task Rapha’s overshoes have been designed. Rapha bring the quality and design aesthetics that they are known for to overshoes. The result is what Cyclebordeom said are overshoes that you’d be hard-pressed to find better alternatives.