How to be a junk km’s legend - Rapha Musette Review×

“You’re doing junk km’s…” I was told by BG stalwart and all round nice-guy D Strauss when I arrived at BG on a sunny afternoon a few weeks ago.

I detected a hint of cynicism, but as I looked down at the Garmin which displayed my ride total as 36km, I decided to own it. “Indeed I am. I have never done an actual training ride in my life. I am the junk km’s legend.”

As a junk km’s legend, sometimes you go fast, sometimes you go slowly. But most importantly, doing junk km’s is riding for fun (OMG!). If you find yourself thinking about threshold efforts, power and heart rate zones, you are banished. You should throw your bike onto the train tracks.

Commuting to work is the backbone of any junk km’s plan. If you can manage 30km here and 40km there, before you know it, you have racked up 300 junk km’s in a week!

But let’s face it, carrying your stuff with you on a commute is a massive pain. I see plenty of folks with backpacks and crumplers stuffed to the gils. None of them look happy. All of them will arrive at their swivel chair with massive sweat patches… ugh!  

This is where the Rapha Musette comes in. I grabbed one of these bags on a whim a few months ago and I have been super happy with it. Because it is small, you only pack the absolute essentials. It can easily fit a shirt, jocks etc. and maybe squeeze in some trousers. Everything else gets left behind. Because you only pack the essentials, the bag does not get too heavy, so you can actually ride properly, without the feeling of a yoke around your neck. This is a massive bonus when it comes to actually enjoying your junk km’s.

Another great feature of the bag is the adjustable strap which has been attached on the right angle as to make the bag sit very snugly on your back. You don’t need to tap it into place with your elbow every thirty seconds.

At $60 it costs the same amount as two weeks of train tickets.  

Thoroughly recommended.

Review written by The Doog