The Most Euro Bike at BG×

By The Doog

I have travelled through Europe on a number of occasions. From Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany to name a few, I am always paying careful attention to bikes I see.

In all those trips, how many pairs of lightweight carbon clinchers have I seen? Barely any! How many carbon bikes? I’d say less than 20. How many bikes less than 1 year old? About 2.

And that includes the bikes in shops!

As much as we have a tendency to drone on about Euro this and Euro that, the fact is that most Europeans don’t ride expensive high-end road bikes. Real Euros are on flat bar town bikes with mud guards, dynamo lights and those weird key lock that clamp the rear wheel.

I have seen about 25,000 of those!

I spotted the ‘trekking’ section of the Focus Bikes website a few months ago and was instantly intrigued. The Focus Wasgos come with racks and mud guards and there are two gearing options: a 27 speed Deore groupset, or an 8 hub gear. But best of all, they come with a super cool internally wired dynamo hub which powers the front and rear lights and sell for only $999.

Unfortunately it is not the sort bike we would usually stock at BG, so I needed a good excuse to get one in.

Thank you father in law!

Two Wasgos arrived at the shop to a fairly harsh welcome!

But after a few hours, the tone had changed.

These are probably the most utilitarian and EURO bikes you will ever find in BG. And as of 5:20pm on 10/4/2013, they come with the Brown’s seal of approval!