February Finance Tips from Horvats×

As you may or may-not be aware, not only am I part of a crew of dudes who form part of the team at Lexus of Blackburn Bike Gallery, but I’m the treasurer and current Vice President of St. Kilda Cycling Club. When I’m not on the bike or helping out on the SKCC committee, I run my own financial planning practice, Horvat Financial Advisors.

Some of you may have seen this company name on the back of our team kit (I’m actually not all that great on the bike and the only way I could be part of the team was to buy in….. I’m cool with it!).

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you all 3 articles that I recently came across that relate to financial planning.

The articles are very basic and logical but really lay the foundations for putting in place your personal financial plan. 

Few of us need to be reminded to brush our teeth in the morning. That’s because it’s a routine we build into our schedules so that it becomes second nature. A similar approach can be taken to managing our own money – things like setting up automatic transfers, adopting a spending mantra and sharing a goal with a friend. Here are 10 practical tips to developing good money habits.


Alongside developing good money habits comes avoiding the bad ones. Trying to keep up with the spending patterns of friends, family and work colleagues is a common mistake, as is going without a budget and not keeping cash reserves on hand for a rainy day. This article lists 10 of the most common mistakes people make with money


Anyone who has quit drinking alcohol for any time knows it can be hard to hold the line when those around you are all drinking. Equally, keeping to our good money habits can be tougher when friends and colleagues are doing the opposite. So how do you maintain discipline when everyone else is setting a bad example? This article provides some useful tips.


I look forward to seeing you out on the road.