Rapha Touring Trousers Review by The Doog×

I am super happy with my new Rapha touring trousers. I purchased a pair of both the navy and olive pants in January and have now used them on my commute 50-plus times.

As a junk km’s legend, I usually do 20 to 30 km’s in the morning before work, but I mostly can’t be bothered climbing into the full lycra leotard. That means I often wear work slacks, a shirt and maybe a rain jacket depending on the conditions. Previously, I have owned three pairs of the old model Rapha pants for about 18 months. Whereas the Rapha/Paul Smith pants have been great, the City Riding pants were a bit ho-hum. The fit was a bit baggy and the fabric felt a bit clammy after 30 minutes or so of (not very) hard junk km efforts.

I’m happy to report Rapha have fixed both issues with the new Touring Trousers.

The new version is made with the Schoeller 3xDry fabric. Although this super-techie fabric does not come cheap (the price has gone up about $100), I can vouch for the claims of better cooling and water repellency (this fabric is not water proof, but a light shower will bounce off). Put simply, the new trousers feel more like a pair of knicks and leg warmers than cotton pants – a huge improvement over the old model!

The fit has also been improved significantly. Presumably thanks to the new fabric’s stretchiness, the fit has been tailored in without feeling grabby while pedaling.

I recommend pairing your Touring Trousers either with boxer shorts or boxer-brief style underwear. If you wear standard jocks for your junk km’s, you will find yourself sitting directly on the seams of your jocks (particularly if you use a Specialized style saddle with a cut out). You will soon be heading directly to saddle-sore hell. I note that Rapha also sell Merino Boxers with and without a pad for this exact issue, but I am yet to try them.

The Rapha Touring Trousers are part of the revamped City Riding collection, including new shirts, polos and jackets. Come in to BG to check them out!