How my life was saved by an eye catching Swede×

If you’re in the hunt for a new Helmet look no further then the POC Octal - here is why:

For the last month I have been researching and looking at different helmet options to replace an old Giro Atmos. Hard decision when considering looks and safety! I settled for a POC Octal, despite it's unique look. It was extremely light, well ventilated and comfortable to wear. The look has grown on me and I now absolutely love it! It's unique and definitely stands out in a crowd.

Since my purchase a week ago, which I can safely say was one of the best purchases I have made, I have had to buy a second. A week into owning the POC Octal I crashed in an A grade club race on a hairy corner and the helmet saved me.  I can confidently say the helmet was superb upon impact and did an excellent job looking after my head. It cracked all the way through after I fell backwards, with my head taking most of the fall, yet despite the huge knock I miraculously escaped concussion.

Three things I have learnt from the experience are helmets are bloody important, safety is paramount and price is irrelevant when choosing a piece of equipment responsible for one of the most important parts of your body.

My first impressions of the POC Octal:

- Light and aerodynamic with unbelievable ventilation.

- Very nice ratchet system easy to adjust.

- Unique style, which I love.

- Very nice straps which don't flap around.

- The reflective POC logo on the side is an excellent extra safety mechanism.

- It comes with an 'ICE tag', an emergency information sticker which can be scanned for your details for faster access to vital information.

All in all I would recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a premium helmet, that will keep you safe in unfortunate events. The POC Octal is really a stand out helmet in terms of design and innovation, having strayed away from the "smaller is best" mantra to come up with its own unique design with safety as its first priority.

If I had to give it a rating: 10/10

Let's hope my second helmet lasts longer than my first and I can keep my bike upright.

By Gene Kehoe