Disc Brakes.....The way forward?×

Once every ten years or so there is a revolutionary shift in the world of cycling. In the 80s we had the introduction of indexed shifting, in the 90s the introduction of Carbon frames into the mainstream along with STI shifting. The 2000s signalled the introduction of Electronic Shifting in the form of Di-2. Now the next shift, we believe will be disc brake road bikes. While we often frown on our mountain biking cousins in this case they were one step ahead. Quite simply, disc brakes offer performance that exceeds that of rim brakes as much as we roadies may hate to admit. While we have been skeptics in the past, the arrival of a new model to BG has forced us to completely re-evaluate our position.

The Focus Izalco Max Disc, whilst being a mouthful, is a bike that fits all the criteria we look for in a bike. Using the Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T) thru axle system, it allows for a swift removal of the wheels when necessary, and stiffens up the frame, leading to much greater power transfer and improved handling.


WE believe Focus have nailed their first crack at disc brake road bikes, delivering a light, stiff, comfortable frame to match the style of cyclist!


The Focus Izalco Max Disc is now available at Bike Gallery available in either a SRAM Red or Dura-Ace Mechanical build options. Come into the shop for a glimpse of the future of road cycling.


Dura Ace RRP $6499


Sram Red RRP $8999