Where we're going we don't need wires.×

"The times change, and we change with them."

This 16th century proverb reflects the bike industry at present. Rapid innovation in other parts of the technology landscape has finally reached the world of cycling, with the adoption of electronic shifting. Now with the introduction of SRAM eTap, derailleur cables and wires have been banished from the frame. 

This S-Works Tarmac is our first build to leave the shop having been upgraded to the wireless eTap groupset. As this bike was already running SRAM Red, the change was simple, involving just an upgrade kit. The result is a clean and modern build with the light components helping to keep the overall bike weight to a minimum. First impressions of eTap are overwhelmingly positive from the simple set up process to the refined graphics that are a fair cry from the garish logos that featured prominently on previous SRAM products.

If you are interested in making the leap, so to speak, to a wireless future, give us a call on 03 9882 2031 for latest availability and pricing. For the moment given significant demand only a limited numbers of upgrade kits and full group sets are available.