Mosaic = Good Times×


For a small company in Colorado, the combination of art and craft has defined who they are and hope they can do the same for you.

All bike companies talk a big game, they use acronyms and meaningless terms dreamt up by marketing departments to stir imaginations and open wallets.

Like politicians and charlatans they having no trouble succeeding, but you can be sure these people are not craftsmen.

For a craftsman, the job is the reward itself, the thousands of hours invested don’t matter, the skills and abilities learnt over the years have enabled the craftsman to respond, to fully think and feel, as opposed to the mere act of making something work.

The craftsman knows how it works; it’s deeply ingrained, so he is left to focus on bridging art and design.

There is a small company in Boulder Colorado doing just this. Mosaic Cycles build bicycle frames. The arbitrary quota of 10000 hours used to define a craftsperson has come and gone. Their worry is not whether or not their frames will work or not, of course they do, their concern is less pragmatic than that, but no less important; ‘how much better can we make this?’

Take their halo model, the RT-1, a silly combination of design and art. And titanium. It is neither flamboyant nor avant-garde, it is a classic – the craft becomes obvious in the welds and in the finish, the dropouts and subtle shaping of the tubes.

While no carbon racer, it’s no heavyweight, the extra grams are swallowed up by class and style. It’s the satisfaction of something done well. It’s the warmth of the hands of a craftsman, something the others can’t achieve and while they have their place, a Mosaic is for life; it’s emotional, personal and damned if they don’t look sexy.

If you think that that sexiness can’t rub off and in turn make you more attractive, your confidence skyrocket and chocolate taste sweeter, then you’d be wrong.

Greater than the sum of its parts, the RT-2, in any of the raw titanium finishes is already the craftsman’s choice, but to put a gilded cherry on top of a double choc sundae, the RT-1 offers, as standard, custom geometry and oversized tubing that wouldn’t be out of place in Frank Gehry’s next commission.

Mosaic offers several different finishes and depending on your taste and budget, infinite colours.

It may be redundant at this point, but what are they like to ride? Well, I’m not angry you asked; they’re amazing, but maybe the best way to illustrate their capabilities is this: Right now, an RT-1 Disc currently holds the KOM for the Mt Baw Baw descent. Now that might be more about the combination of bravado, lunacy and ability than the frame itself – but confidence plays a pretty big part in any ride and the Mosaic delivers in spades.

Did I mention it looks amazing?