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In case you’re wondering the Q is for Quaerere; Latin for research and the 36.5 is the optimum, healthy body temperature. Not a traditional way to brand a business, but then Q36.5 is not your traditional cycling company.

For the discerning cyclist, the search for the perfect kit can be an elusive, continual struggle. Year after year we invest in new garments with the vain hope that it may revolutionise our riding experience. While there have been many changes in the past decade, only now have we begun to see product that is truly revolutionising the requirements of cycling and the elements we encounter, from the scorching heat of Australia, to the blistering cold of the Dolomites.

For this revelation we have one man to thank…. Boxing had Ali, Basketball had Jordan and now technical cycling wear has Luigi Bergamo.

So, when in 2013 he chose to move back to his hometown of Bolzano, in the shade of the Dolomites, Bergamo’s new-found freedom enabled his vision of the future to come true. Not a man to take things lightly and definitely not a man concerned with the status quo, Bergamo established Q36.5. The theory is by regulating and maintaining the body at 36.5 degrees you will be able to operate at a higher level more comfortably and therefore, longer. With this in mind, nearly every piece of cloth and textile has been developed exclusively for or by Q36.5 to manage the body’s natural temperature. Bonded fabrics, laser cut edges and silver yarn finds its way into pieces to provide warmth and comfort, control heat and deliver performance. Using Italian manufacturers, every piece of Q36.5 is made in limited numbers and ensures high quality and crucially, short development times.

From the flashes of neon green to the idiosyncratic Q36.5 language, Borgamo is cut from a different cloth; he thinks differently and he applies that to his business. Take the slogan ‘Absolutely Equipment’, we don’t really know what it means either, but the context is right, it’s all about the kit and the kit is the best.

And so, with his black book of contacts, makers and providers, Bergamo embarked on a relentless pursuit of performance and comfort, making sure to not sacrifice one for the other.

One could argue that the Q36.5 approach to design is straight from the Porsche playbook, choosing evolution over revolution. For instance, he boasts a 4-year life cycle of development and research to ensure performance and durability and having established key pieces and proprietary technology, Q36.5 is obsessed with a slow approach, preferring necessary substance to needless fashion. But don’t confuse that with lack of style, Q36.5 is modern Italian verve, wrapped in classic longevity and constant function.

Bike Gallery has been stocking Q36.5 for several seasons, but this year marks our first, truly whole collaboration with the brand.

A bold, monochromatic palette with unique type and graphic design has elevated the idea of shop and team kit to a new definition of luxe and panache not traditionally found in cycle wear and hard to come by in a world of misplaced garishness and deliberate irony.

This is kit for the discerning cyclist and for those who aren’t quite sure why it works, but simply know it does.

Want to buy the kit? 

Bike Gallery X Q36.5 Cool Grey Jersey $195

Bike Gallery X Q36.5 Bibshorts            $270