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Bike Gallery and Axil Coffee

Since the launch of Bike Gallery in 2010 our store has shared a close connection with coffee. As the statement on our awning says: “Bicycles and Espresso”. That phrase has followed us to our first kit and even the first shop van!

Bike Gallery has always set out to deliver the best service and products available and our approach to coffee was no different.

We started by pairing ourselves with one of the best coffee roasters Melbourne has to offer, Dave Makin of Axil Coffee, a 3 time Australian Barista Champion. Dave shared his knowledge and experience and gave us a very helping hand getting us set up.

Axil Coffee and Bike Gallery began at a very similar time, so much so that we were the first wholesale account with Axil.

Coffee in the store has really played a role in developing Bike Gallery's sense of community, whether it was an espresso before the shop ride, a piccolo after some hills, or even a strong cap with 6 sugars after a night on the sauce, coffee has always been a saviour.

What beans are Bike Gallery currently using?

Bike Gallery started off using Axil’s seasonal blend, but after having 4 coffees a day for 5 years we began to tire of the old seasonal blend taste and decided it was time to make a change. We now offer a different single origin each week, providing something new and exciting to try every time you pop by. Adding to the sense of community is the fact that Axil continues to roast just down the street in Hawthorn.

At Bike Gallery we use a two group Synesso Cyncra machine. We take great pride in our coffee, in its taste, appearance and price; boasting the cheapest coffee in the area. How does $2 for Black and $3 if you want some milk sound?

Whether bicycles are your thing or not, don’t hesitate to pop in for a cup of Wake Up Grease.