Cam: the Gravel Master×

The week before the inaugural Amy’s Gravel Fondo the approaching weather looked ominous and for those interested in going for the title, the coinciding 2018 GravelNats was going to be a lesson in how to prepare and how to suffer.

Let’s cut to the chase. Our boy Cam was there to compete for the Masters Title.

We set him up on the 3T Exploro and some chunky tyres to match the impending doom of the track and the day. And like the legend he is, he bloody went out and won the thing! There was everything, mud, snow, smiles, no feeling in your feet or hands and champagne. Well, everything but the champagne, this is a pretty lo-fi gathering. The celebrations were internalized as sensation came back to his extremities, but the recap was strong and winning goes a long way to warming the soul, if not the body.

It’s a keen crew that embarks on a race like this and waiting at the start did nothing to quell the feeling of what was to be a wet, slippery and cold day. The conditions forced a reduced distance of 45kms, down from the original 60, but the effort required remained the same and the results spoke volumes of the winners’ ability to suck it up and get it done.

Cam, like the rest of the riders, returned looking like a 19th century coal miner, but that feeling of satisfaction and happiness despite the conditions meant the first Amy’s Gavel Fondo was a success.

Photography c/o VTWO