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Pas Normal Studios

Bike Gallery is proud to introduce Pas Normal Studios. A clean range of Danish cycling apparel that’ll get kudos before, after and during the ride and give your design credentials a boost.

It’s hard to begrudge that Scandinavian sense of style.

At once pragmatic and stylish, it’s also approachable and cool, perhaps that’s why it has resonated with Australia for so long.

Generally speaking it never resorted to those traditional Eurotrash ideas of overcomplicated, fussy and ironic tropes of so much of French and Italian design. Never underestimate those long nights and dark winter months, they can be very inspiring.

Leaving behind the initial apprehension and controversy, Jorn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House may be one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the world, let alone Australia. Thank you, Denmark.

Bang & Olufsen, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm, Georg Jensen. All legends of design and product development. All from Denmark.

And who can forget Princess Mary, Australia’s princess? You’re welcome.

For anyone who’s had the good fortune of visiting Denmark, this sense of design is ingrained, it’s innate and you may have noticed, everyone is really, annoyingly attractive.

Anyway, is it a stretch to jump to Pas Normal Studios, a very cool cycling clothing company from Copenhagen? It’s early days, time will tell, but right here, right now, there are few cycling apparel businesses packing as strong a punch as these guys.

Clean lines, considered colours and zeitgeist spot-on type are applied as if it were a contemporary fashion house and where so many brands tend to misstep, misunderstand or overdo colour, Pas Normal show confidence and aplomb by just fucking getting it. It’s important to note that by understanding colour and aesthetics they haven’t forfeited technical knowhow or implementation and the kit is as up to the task as any. Anyone who has endured a Scandinavian winter can testify to that – so you can be sure the range that has just dropped in store will take care of Summer.

In a sport as vainglorious as this, form and function should never be mutually exclusive and the argument one way or the other is a weak one. Scandinavian cool with tech? Yes please.

We’re excited. Come and see the range before it’s gone.