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WoolF Series from the Q36.5 Cruise Collection

New Products from your Absolutely Equipment distributors, masters of the understatement, providers of Italian fluoro green, Q36.5 are a consistently contradictory brand.

While their black on black on gear is a flawless execution of tech, experience and know-how and their use of neon is an entirely un-ironic, European take on colour and safety, they continue to produce gear that ignores trends and fads. There’s no time to appeal to the whims of fashion when you’re piecing together function with a purely pragmatic regard to form.

What might sound like a backhanded compliment is in fact the reason Q36.5 rises above the fray and as winter approaches becomes the go-to brand.

This season they have introduced, what they have termed, the Cruise Collection. Tenuous as that title may be, the product itself is excellent.

Designed for varying midseason weather conditions, 5-15 degrees, the clever fabric-tech; woven wool and polyamide maintains stable temperatures during varying levels of intensity and changing weather conditions.

Because the threads have undergone treatment before weaving they hold on to their natural characteristics, which in this case means water resistance and thermal regulation, but without sacrificing weight or comfort. The result is a double-faced, super soft, sponge-like, stretchy fabric that wicks sweat away and keeps you closer to the body’s natural 36.5 degrees.

Perfect for the changeable weather conditions at this time of year, we have introduced three pieces from the Cruise Collection.

Jersey Long Sleeve WoolF

“The Perfect middle layer for midseason conditions” Not only light, but warm and water resistant too. This is what happens when Q36.5 goes all in and lets their smarts do the talking. Reflective panels, hermetic collar and invisible pocket designed a round a fabric that dries fast, retains heat and weighs only 195g.

Salopette Wolf 2.0

A whole new design for these mid-season bib shorts. Created using the same silver thread pinstripe found in the crazy good Hybrid-Que jersey, these shorts have been upgraded with new brace straps and new fabrication at crucial wear points, plus a new chamois that accommodates and provides support for epic climbing attempts and long distance road efforts.

WoolF Arm warmers

You don’t always need a jacket and these WoolF Arm-warmers, worn with a Pinstripe jersey and base layer, provide the flexibility you need in variable weather conditions. Made from the same science and weather defying fabric found in the Cruise Collection jacket, these are a great addition to any wardrobe.

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