Majorca is a very special place. Rugged beauty, stunning roads and warm Mediterranean winds. You haven’t died, but this is heaven.

For the last few years we have stayed at the salubrious Hotel Son Brull.

This is from our guide last year:

If your idea of a good time is the elevated Majorcan countryside, manicured gardens and a hotel built from a converted monastery then not only do you have very particular tastes, you’ve come on the right bike trip. But we’re not here to judge, we’re here to ride and Hotel Son Brull is both beautiful and the ideal base to bookend our days, providing a sense of casual luxury rarely found these days and a unique way to unwind after tackling the hills of Majorca.

Taking this philosophy on board, BG’s tour of Majorca is ashamedly lux, but uniquely approachable and designed to be fun. It’s challenging, but everyday is bookended by quintessential Majorcan hospitality and local charm. Each day is different and can involve stunning views and rustic cooking through to gran fondos and vertical meters rivaling the mainland finished with 3 star meals.

Most of all it’s a good time.